Woman with Down syndrome answers expert

Mr Ben Achour, expert of the Human Rights Committee of the UN, has made a speech in favour of prenatal eradication of people with Down syndrome.

Shocked by this speech, Charlotte, young woman with Down syndrome, answers to Mr Ben Achour.
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“I’m a human being just like you. Our only difference is an extra chromosome. My extra chromosome makes me far more tolerant than you sir. (…) If any other heritable traits like skin colour were used to eradicate a group of people the world would cry out. Why are you not crying out when people like me are being made extinct? What have WE done to make you want us to disappear? As far as I know my community doesn’t hate, discriminate or commit crimes. (…) What you are suggesting is Eugenics. It’s disgusting and evil. You need to apologise for your horrible comments. You should also be removed from the Human Rights Committee as an expert. You are not an expert about Down syndrome. You sir, do not speak for My community. (…) I will fight for our right to exist for the rest of my life.”